Did you know that the chances of getting trapped or ripped off by scammers during car sales in St. Louis are pretty high? Fortunately, Chase auto group can save you from this risk. The secret to successful car buying lies in the knowledge of cars, preparation of documents, and knowing when to step back from a bad deal. Chase Auto is dedicated to facilitating you with exactly this if you’re looking for a used car in Saint Louis.

This car buying guide will help you identify the common warning signs when looking for the best car deal in St. Louis. Furthermore, it will also facilitate you with some guidelines and tips to save your money when you are on a car hunt.


1. Personal Meetings
The first and the foremost guideline for a successful and affordable car buying deal is to do personal meetings. Never fall for a person exaggerating about their service and a certain car on a phone call or online connections. Besides, while communicating with a person face to face, it will be easier for you to check the legitimacy of the dealmaker. At Chase auto sales, this is hardly needed but still advisable.

2. Proper Inspection of Car
No matter how appealing a car may seem, always get a proper inspection done before finalizing the deal. This involves either doing a test-drive by yourself, or take your mechanic along to inspect it thoroughly. Look at every small portion of the car closely so that if there is any defect, you can identify it there and then. Chase auto buying highly encourages customers to perform a thorough check of the car before purchasing. Chase Auto vehicle’s all comes with safety and emission inspections.

3. Check on Car History
Before buying a car, it is essential to check the history and the background of the car. Doing so will help you in ensuring that there is no criminal record associated with the vehicle. This can be done through multiple verifying apps like CarFax, AutoCheck, and Vin Check Pro. Furthermore, you also need to check whether the car you have chosen is on the line. This is a crucial step which might cause you a lot of trouble in future if skipped.


• Never go for the monthly installments. These installments seem affordable but they are not real.

• Try to shop around yourself rather than going a long way ahead. It will help you in saving a huge amount of money.

• Do not buy a car that needs some replacements. For example, you choose a car to buy but it needs some renovations. Don’t go for such a car for yourself.

• Never be shy to bargain or negotiate. As there is always some space for the negotiations in buying a car or any other product


Buying a car is a fairly detailed process. But at its core, it involves identifying and locating the vehicle you want, test-driving it, negotiating a fair selling price, and closing the deal by signing the paperwork. Chase Auto, has all the insight and details that can help make car buying experience smoother. Chase Auto, is one of the top Car dealers on saint charles rock road. Hence, we have made sure to discuss some of the most essential tips to lead you through an efficient car purchasing process in Saint Louis, without falling for scams along the way.